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Even if it is a low portion of the population, people have concerns about the wellbeing of that portion of population on both sides. People are concerned that people get gender-confirming care and on the opposite side they are worried that people are destroying their bodies. A further issue is if the prevalance continues to grow.

I'm writing a response to an article now that asks people to accept a popular narrative in order to be kind. I don't think this is good if it's socially harmful.

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This made a refreshing change from rehashing the arguments. The totemic quality of this issue seems to signal so many broken aspects of leftish & late liberal thinking. Chief among them is simple honesty.

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I feel like you’ve failed to take a position here and tbh, and not represented either side in this very well.

When we look at the social dynamics of this we can compare how the issue is playing out to the concept of Family Systems Theory where everyone in an abusive family plays a role: The Abuser, the Enabler/Bystander, The Golden Child, The Lost Child, The Scapegoat and the Whistleblower.

The abusers are the activists who have captured institutions like WPATH and deliver standards of care recommendations rooted entirely in ideology instead of science. They are the narcissists changing definitions of women in a a zero-sum game of rights. They are the ones accusing competent professionals who prefer science to this new religion, of transphobia - running them out of their professions for “Gatekeeping” access to medical gender transitions for prepubescent children. This so-called gender medicine for children can only be called experimental since there are no long-term or follow-up studies on the kids who have received blockers or hormones whatsoever.

The gender issue is a barometer of our times indeed. The barometer measures what roles we are willing to play in this. Are we joining in the lies? are we standing by saying, “this doesn’t affect me?” Are we preference falsifying to climb the ranks of the public education system as we collect woke points in cynical career positioning?

Are we playing both side-ism?

Or are we standing up and speaking the truth?

The truth must be said: Today, in the Anglo-sphere we are conducting medical fertility experiments on tens of thousands of vulnerable children, we are removing healthy breasts, destroying healthy reproductive systems and cursing these children, many of whom have never understood sexual function or intimate relations, to a lifetime of never knowing the joys and wonders of human sexuality.

When was the last time a society conducted fertility experiments on vulnerable children?

What was the outcome of tiptoeing around speaking the truth about the state of society at that time?

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Here’s a truce proposal. Gender-neutral bathrooms - take down those skirt-wearing logo figures! - as a new norm moving forward in exchange for an absolute ban on ‘treating’ perceived ‘gender dysphoria’ among young adolescents w/ lucrative - sorry, I meant ‘expensive’ - courses of counseling and medication that culminate in surgery that permanently alters vital anatomy. There... issue resolved!

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For future reference: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgzGpFqQfQwhMbTHzCxVVSzxBNWxG

The link is to an article that details the 2 fairly small studies that apparently underpin much of the advocacy for adolescent gender transition treatment. It's not utterly comprehensive but does definitely cast the findings in doubt as the basis for broad claims about the efficacy of the treatment.

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