Excellent stuff. I also found GB News stance on Guto Hari taking the knee baffling.

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Count me on the side of parrhesia. My politics are far left, but I am a staunch, unwavering advocate of freedom of speech. I defend it -- publicly and privately -- every chance I get, though so many of my supposedly leftwing confrères don't get it. I've lost friendships over this.

Unfortunately, the cadre of language-policing pearl-clutchers is only growing. They are, frankly, ignoramuses, with no understanding of nuance, context, history; and they are pushing people further and further into the arms of the rightwing. I've been saying this till I'm blue in the face.

One of the most infuriating aspects of their ignorance and censoriousness is that because they, for example, capitalize the "b" in "black" or use trendy terms like "BIPOC", they think that makes them crusaders for racial justice. It's gobsmacking. They take no risk, don't stick their necks out for anything meaningful, but they puff themselves up on their supposed virtuouseness.

Put me in a room with them and let's talk politics -- actual politics, as in economics, class structure, drug legalization, military expenditure -- and let's see who's really left. I have no doubt what we'd find. But they sure would have me beat in the virtue-signaling department!

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